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Jason Bane

Jason Bane owns Krieghund Dobermanns and is a United Doberman Club member and United Schutzhund Club of America member. He has handled, owned and trained Dobermanns his entire IPO career and currently has two IPO3 female Dobermanns and a young Dobermann in training. 

In addition to breeding Dobermanns, Jason is a USCA Regional Certified helper, and National level IPO competitor.  He is a proud member of Metro-Detroit Schutzhund and Police K-9 club and trains with Pronounced K9 teaching helpers John Bochenek and Brian Harvey. Jason has been a helper for 13 yrs and done training helper work for 100s of dogs including national level Doberman, Malinois , Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd competitors and has more than 10 trials with 40+ dogs in his trial helper scorebook. 

In addition to being a USCA Regional Certified Helper, Jason has done over a dozen club events as a track layer of IPO2, IPO 3, FH 1 and FH2 tracks. Many competitor tracks have scored in the excellent V category. In addition, he has laid tracks for the Mid East Regional USCA Trial and taken the Mid East regional tracking seminar. 

Jason has competed at several national level IPO trials including AWDF 2009,  2009, 2015 and 2016 UDC National, and the 2015 Fall Classic. 

Jason was selected to be the helper and track layer at the 2016 UDC Fall Classic.

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For more information on litters email us at dobecrazy8@gmail.com

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